The Chrysalis Code

Welcome to a new take on grief support for widows - a renegade and proactive approach to grief and life after loss with a community of solidarity by your side.

Grief leaves you forever changed but doesn't have to mean forever suffering. 

In a world where widows often feel alone, unsupported, unseen and overwhelmed - being a renegade widow means remaining open to possibility and collecting seeds of hope for a someday you want to believe in.

Your willingness to practice the art of living well in life after loss as a widow literally defies the myth that surviving is the best you can hope for. That makes you a renegade, too. 

We're rewriting the rules of widowhood. 

We believe moving forward does not mean forgetting and anything is possible in life after loss with clarity and the right support for the way ahead.

Introducing: The Chrysalis Code

This October, a community of widow sisters will kick off a journey of self-discovery & solidarity with a virtual immersion into growth, healing, and transformation.

Over the course of twelve weeks, together we'll move through a powerful exploration of The Chrysalis Code: a course dedicated to demystifying grief, amping up your emotional intelligence, accessing a deep well of resilience resulting in self-discovery, and cultivating powerful tools to grieve with intention while connecting to the clarity you crave for the way ahead.

From late October 2020 through mid January 2021, you'll have access to my coaching, teaching, and support every step of the way! The program kicks off October 28th and wraps up January 13th. And yes, we're spanning the holiday season with this program on purpose!

The combination of your online course alongside our 12 weekly group coaching calls to support the integration of the program materials into your life in real time will carry you through the holiday season and into the new year with support, solidarity, and sisterhood, not to mention some sustainable healing and self-empowerment, too! That means, this cohort of widow sisters will receive additional support to navigate the holiday season with intention and clarity.

Along the way, your Chrysalis Code cohort will stay connected and in the constant care of Sarah through a private online community to make this a connected, deeply personal, and meaningful community experience.

Our twelve week program completes with a digital culminating event -- an online retreat to celebrate and reflect on the twelve weeks we've traversed together, while also providing a new layer of clarity and confidence for the way ahead.

Feel that?  

It's your future self thanking you for being courageous enough to begin. 

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Wondering what it's all about?

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So, what happens when I apply?

I'm glad you asked! 

Your decision to click apply and submit your application is a strong signal to me that you're interested in my philosophy and proactive approach to grief and living -- and that you're looking for support that brings your sense of Self and empowerment alive.

When an application comes to my inbox, I already know something really important: you're paying attention and willing to go for it when something feels aligned.

When you submit your application, you're not committing to anything other than getting more information and saying yes to possibility.

I personally review every single application that comes in. If it's clear that you're a good fit, we'll set up a one on one video call together. It's important to me that all your questions are answered and I'm positive my programming is right for you before we ever talk about investing in working together. Every application submitted will receive a response from me within 48 hours.

Nice to meet you!

Hello, and welcome! 

I'm Sarah Nannen - the founder of Beyond Surviving, a movement teaching a proactive and renegade approach to mental health, emotional resilience, and sustainable healing.

I'm a grief and trauma informed life coach, as well as an author, speaker, and podcast host.

But most importantly, I'm a mama of four and I'm also a widow.

When they delivered the worst news of my life on my front steps in Japan, I could have never imagined it possible to one day be so in love with my life after loss. It was a long journey made more complex by the lack of inspiration and hope offered by traditional grief support, but I found my way here and I now guide others along the same journey.

I understand how hard it is to feel seen in the world as a widow - even by our closest friends, family and professional providers, too. The truth is, we have to first learn to see ourselves.

To be a renegade widow takes the willingness to come toward yourself with tender curiosity from a place of fierce dedication to discover who you truly are. Like a caterpillar in a chrysalis, we begin to take new form in life after loss.

I now guide widows like you and me to reclaim their lives through self-discovery, sisterhood, and an online program I offer called The Chrysalis Code. It's my honor to offer the professional support, community, and actionable path to a better someday I wish I had when I began my own journey through grief.


Sarah Nannen

Welcome to the new face of grief support!

How do you define widow

In this renegade community, your love story counts. 

If you identify as the widow of someone you love deeply and buried too soon, this group is for you. xo 

Whether you were married, engaged, partnered, or deeply committed to your beloved, you're welcome here.  

All love stories are honored, regardless of labels, status, gender identity and color of the rainbow.  

There's no contest about whose grief is bigger, better or harder - your love story matters, your life after loss matters and you are welcome in our space.  

This is the community for you...

  • if you're looking for lifelong sisterhood + connection with other widows on a similar journey.
  • if you're aching for a place to be real and talk about what's hard, weird, terrifying, awkward + new in life after loss with proactive support in place to navigate each day as it comes.
  • if you find yourself asking: Is this really all there is now? and hope for a happier someday even if its hard to imagine.
  • if you light up at the idea of a safe community, life coaching with a widow's perspective, and around-the-clock support to take you through whatever comes your way.
  • if you're secretly hoping your story didn't end when your beloved died.
Space is limited! APPLY NOW

Testimonials from some incredible women who have taken this journey with me:  

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No worries --- there's a whole array of resources I've assembled for you to support you in the meantime. Click on the blue links below to check each of them out!

1. Listen to my podcast

My first podcast Grief Unveiled offers real talk and tender conversations about grief + living. Simply Google "Grief Unveiled podcast" and you'll see a variety of listening options. PS: I have a new podcast coming out later this year, stay tuned!

2. Read my book

Order a copy of "Grief Unveiled: A Widow's Guide to Navigating Your Journey in Life After Loss"

3. Watch my TED-style talk

I stepped on stage in New York City, sweaty armpits and all, to talk about being a renegade widow in front of a life audience just for you!

4. Check out my essay

I'm a contributing author in a newly released book called "Embodied Resilience Through Yoga: 30 Mindful Essays about Finding Empowerment After Addiction, Trauma, Grief, and Loss."

5. Try this guided Meditation for Peace

I'm a mindfulness and yoga teacher, and this relaxing and accessible practice will meet you right where you are and help you find a pocket of peace, even if for just a few minutes.

6. Follow me on social media

I'm on Facebook and Instagram where I share heaps and loads of inspirational, hope-filled content. Like and follow me at: @beyond.surviving.sarah

7. Send me an email.

Sometimes the word application can feel intimidating. If its easier, just send me an e-mail and share a bit of your story. I can help you decide if it's the right time to apply. Connect with me at:

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